Where it all began

Cupertino is where it all began. Dynamic Teaching founder Mr. G. taught his first classes in 2006 to a small group of 15 students. Nowadays, Dynamic Teaching is a staple in the Cupertino community and has helped thousands of students develop a passion for math as well as confidence in their math abilities. Dynamic classes are so enjoyable that many of our students have been with us for 5+ years. But they’re not just fun: they’re super effective. Our students have gone on to major in STEM related fields and study at top tier universities.



Registration: VERY IMPORTANT!

Class registration for Cupertino is DIFFERENT than Fremont and Palo Alto.

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General Information

Location: All classes will take place at Creekside Park, 10455 Miller in Cupertino.

This year features the broadest range of math curriculum in Dynamic Teaching history. In addition to our traditional Math Olympiad classes, we are expanding our offerings to include 2nd/3rd grade foundational math as well as:

  • Advanced Topics in Mathematics, a high school competition math class. Due to popular demand, we are continuing it this year and it will be taught by the incomparable Dylan Frake.
  • Math Explorations, a competition focused class just for middle school students and taught by our esteemed Brandon Muliadi. Math Explorations is open to advanced 6-8th grade students. 


2023-2024 Class Schedule

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Division E: Grades 4-5

Division M: Grades 6-8

Math Explorations: Grades 6-8

Advanced Topics: Grades 7 to Adult

What are Division E and M?

Division E: Elementary School. For Math Olympiads, that means grades 4-5. 

Division M: Middle School, or grades 6-8. Math Olympiads contests are by grade. Students in grades 4-5 almost always take Division E. Students in grades 7-8 must take Division M. Students in 6th grade usually take M; in rare cases, we will allow a 6th grader to take division E.

Honors/Accelerated sections are by instructor approval only. Students earn admittance to an Honors section in one of two ways:

  • Performance in the previous year’s contests (90th percentile or higher), or...
  • Qualification from the diagnostic exam which all students take during the first week of class. 

Content in the E Honors and M Accelerated sections is the same as in regular sections; additional lessons are provided when there is extra class time. The main difference lies in the speed of teaching.

What about the 2nd and 3rd grade class?

By popular demand, Dynamic Teaching will be offering a Math Olympiads class geared towards 2nd and 3rd graders for the first time! The class will be different in two ways:

1) Duration. This class is for 50 minutes instead of the typical 75 minutes. This will allow the younger students to concentrate even after a full day of regular school.

2) Expectations. Because students haven’t mastered writing yet, we will not expect them to show all their work (as we do for all students in grades 4 and up). We will, however, still explain problems step by step. 

Keep in mind that the kids in this class will be tackling concepts normally geared towards 4th and 5th graders. They will also take the official MOEMS contests for the sake of experience, but the real purpose of the class is to broaden their math knowledge well ahead of the typical school curriculum.